How to prolong the life of HVAC system

Taking care of HVAC system:

Like other big scale systems require care to work efficiently and flawlessly without experiencing a
problem for a long time, HVAC system also needs care. It is important to adopt some measures to
ensure the flawless and smooth working of the system. Not taking care of a good system may lead to
the big problems which may cost a hefty amount of repair or service.

How to take care of HVAC system:

This is the common question asked by the caretakers of the building where large systems are under
operation. Our aim in this article is to share the tips regarding the care and maintenance of the system.
It is expected that by following these maintenance tips you would save a good amount in terms of

Tips for good care of large-scale systems:

There are many tips which can be shared regarding AC systems but we would try to focus on the
important ones which can be easily adopted as well as having a good return. So let’s start:
• Frequent replacement of a filter
• Removal of encroachments
• Optimising the temperature
• The color of the furnace flame
• Cleaning the drain line

1: Frequent replacement of filter:

It is the point on which many people are confused. The point to the confusion is that whether the filter
should be changed when it is full of dirt or after a specific time. Well, the answer to that question is
quite simple. The filter should be changed after every few months. The lifetime of the filter is usually
mentioned on the sticker or manual which comes with it. If it is not written there, you should ask the
shopkeeper about it. So, it advised to frequently replace the filter of a system to guarantee its long life
and smooth functioning.

2: Removal of encroachments:

This is often the most neglected thing so we have decided to cover it here. Encroachments are done by
the growing trees near the ventilation part of the system. Keep a check on such trees which are around
the condenser. The system needs to inhale the air from that part and trees around it can create an
obstacle in the way. So, it is advised to cut those branches of the trees which are stopping the air to
enter the condenser.

3: Optimization of performance:

Performance can be optimized by tuning the right settings in the system. This can be done either during
the installation of the system or during the running as well. The tuning done during the installation of
the system is probably the best thing to do as it is done by the experienced technician. But you can also
do it during the working of the system by optimizing it to the ideal temperature rating.

4: Color of the furnace flame:

The color of the furnace flame is an important indicator of the health of the system. The flame should
be blue in color and smooth. If the flame is not like that, then you should contact a technician to repair


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